Sober Atheist

I am in the minority

People are puzzled by the fact that I don’t drink to get drunk. Sometimes, my peers see this decision as a faux pas. I’m a single 23-year-old male living in a college town; people seem to assume that I want to get hammered from time to time, and they sometimes take offense when I don’t want to get drunk with them. I don’t have religious convictions telling me not to drink too much. I don’t have a wife nagging at me to stay sober. I’m not a father trying to be a good role model. None of the stereotypical reasons for staying sober apply to me. What in the world could possibly motivate me to limit my drinking? Continue reading


Homosexuality, Blasphemy, and Other Victimless Crimes

I’m starting this blog in direct response to the feedback I got from a paper I published yesterday. For those of you who haven’t read it yet, here it is. It serves¬†as the starting point for this blog, so everything I post in the future will probably make more sense if you read this first:¬†Homosexuality, Blasphemy, and Other Victimless Crimes

It’s twenty pages long, but it should be a pretty easy read. I made sure to write with humor to keep it from getting too dry. Enjoy!